Domus Cornelii
The House of Patriarch Cornelius

Domus Cornelii: A Patriarchal Master/slave Household

Welcome to Domus Cornelii, a Patriarchal Master/slave household founded and led by Patriarch Cornelius. Inspired by ancient Roman households and the role of the Paterfamilias, our household is built on values such as trust, loyalty, self-development, and commitment.

At Domus Cornelii, we strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment for our members, fostering personal growth and self-sufficiency. We believe in working towards something greater than ourselves, positively impacting our environment and leaving a lasting legacy for our descendants.

Our members are encouraged to develop their talents and skills, or to learn new ones, in order to better serve the Patriarch and the household. High Protocols and Etiquette are the foundation of our daily lives, and we are dedicated to maintaining these standards.

Under the guidance of Patriarch Cornelius, members of the household are cared for, protected, and loved. We embark on our journey as His possessions, with open communication about our end goals and a collaborative approach to achieving them.

Founded in 2021, Domus Cornelii has been steadily growing and evolving, with a professional coat of arms, a comprehensive website, and a handbook for the servants in our household. We eagerly anticipate the future growth of our household, as we continue to embrace our guiding philosophy: "Sic Parvis Magna" or "Greatness from small beginnings."

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our history, values, and members. If you're interested in joining our journey, please feel free to reach out to us. Will you one day be a part of Domus Cornelii?